Who are we ?

Rabiloo is a collection of young, talented, enthusiastic and passionate members.
We love jobs that can create products that make life easier and easier.

What we do?

Every road leads to Rome but the road will be shorter if you are on the right track.
With his experience, Rabiloo is pleased to provide in-depth consulting solutions to help customers achieve their goals earlier and optimize their resources in time and money. Specifically include the following packages:
  • Consulting IT technology solutions
  • Web Marketing consulting
Balance between cost, speed and quality has never been an easy problem to build and operate your own IT team. However, it will become easier, simpler and more flexible if you find a trusted partner to accompany. Rabiloo is happy to become such a partner with services like:
  • Mobile application development
  • Development of website system
  • Phát triển hệ thống nghiệp vụ
  • OSDC contract
Technology is growing and has become an extremely competitive weapon to make a difference. Understanding that importance, Rabiloo has invested in new technology research and development right from the first days of its establishment. Currently, we are working with the experts of major universities to study the following problems:
  • Natural language processing
  • Processing images and videos
  • Large data processing, recomendation
  • Cloud computing


Our company cooperates with Rabiloo in the form of OSDC for more than 1 year.
The engineering team at Rabiloo has good technical capabilities and high adaptability.
Compared to 1 year ago, when we started working, the speed of development is much faster now.

Rabiloo's test phase is also appreciated. The company's testers deeply understand the system and have a professional working sense.
We feel quite assured in terms of product quality.

Up to the present time our company has worked with Rabiloo to develop many projects including high quality business web applications and systems. Typical of which is the project for businesses that have been listed on the Japanese stock exchange.
I myself have experience developing offshore for a long time in large enterprises.
However, up to now, Rabiloo is the only company I can fully trust when cooperating.
I hope that in the future, we will continue to cooperate and develop projects with the same company.

During the implementation of the project, when we proposed the need to add some functions to the app, Rabiloo often positively offered us suggestions and advice on that change.
Regarding the technical capacity of the project development team, I think Rabiloo's engineers have quite good capabilities and a high sense of responsibility.
In the future, we look forward to continuing to cooperate and work with Rabiloo at the stage of product maintenance and other projects when required.

Rabiloo engineers are always full of energy, the company always shows the desire to work together until the project is successful.
Rabiloo is one of the few companies in the project development process that can provide and propose solutions to customer requirements.
For the project, there is a specific plan that the company can respond quickly.
For projects where the requirements are still unclear, Rabiloo reciprocal and handling are very flexible.



Can use Japanese and English


Can use Japanese and English






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